Some ideas about Uses for Images in Learning 

1. To encourage vocabulary development

Wordle can display a collection of words from a poem, speech, book or other piece of text on an interesting "word cloud" format:

PicLits are opportunities to choose image and then related words... simple really, but interesting...

2. To entice, interest, intrigue, engage...

Remember we can do LOTS with PowerPoint or Keynote...


Voicethread is another amazing tool - get students looking, listening and talking too at

Animoto is an easy tool to create video from still images and interest students: 

an example:

an example:


4. To illustrate a point, idea or concept... or to show what one has learned or what one knows...

another Animoto example:


 Geometry Around us, example:

5. To discover more about history and explore the meaning of images

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